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Stadium Bonus Point, Good Reward

January 30, 2011

The other week I got back 445kr as bonus from Stadium (

"Stadium Bonus Point"


I was like: what did I buy in 2010?

Anyway, that was a reward I wasn’t expecting but it was cool.

Then I went to Stadium in Vällingby and bought a new pair of PUMA Sneakers. It was 499kr on sale. Original price was 599kr.

I used my bonus which was already on my stadium card. So I got to pay just 54kr for these lovely PUMA Sneakers.

"Puma Sneakers"

PUMA Ord price 599kr

So here I go again, buying new pairs of sneakers when I have even tried the FRED PERRY sneakers I bought 4 weeks ago.

I’m also looking forward to buying more shoes from Timberland when I’m ready to change my shoe style.

I can’t wait.

I might also go for a TIGER OF SWEDEN Brand. I think I will find good shoes in both brands.


Stockholm: My Shopping Places and Things

January 8, 2011

I shop everywhere more or less. Let me share with you some of the places I have been shopping this season.

 MQ St Eriksplan (January 2 2011)

 Here I bought a shirt made by Emilio. It is called Confirm Block Shirt. The original price was 499kr but I got it for 249kr.

Emilio Confirm Block Shirt, 249kr

Emilio Confirm Block Shirt, 249kr

 BRANDS Factory Outlet (January 5 2011)

Here I bought shoes made by Fred Perry. It cost 499kr Outlet Price. In the shop it cost 799kr. But it could also be 499kr at these shops when they have sales.

Fred Perry Sneakers 499kr

Fred Perry Sneakers 499kr

 MQ Solna Centrum (January 7 2011)

 A long time ago say from 2002-2006 I used to live in solna. Then Solna centrum was my place to shop for a few things. Anyway I still find time to go back to solna every now and then.

I bought two tops from MQ Solna Centrum. Granade Grandpa Sweater by EMILIO for 149kr and Commander Check Shirt also by Emilio for 249kr.

Grandpa Sweater by EMILIO, 149kr

Emilio Shirt, 249kr

Emilio Shirt, 249kr

 Intersport Barkarby (January 7 2011)

I do shop at Intersport Vällingby and Barbarby depending on where I am and what I found. I bought this Jacket. Altitude Tribute 8848 Jacket for 2900kr. They said the original price was 3500kr. I know that if I waited until after winter I could get it cheaper but what is the use of waiting when I needed the shirt now? And maybe at the end of winter they wouldn’t have my size left. So I bought it anyway.

Altitude Tribute 8848 Jacket for 2900kr

Altitude Tribute 8848 Jacket for 2900kr

 Clas Ohlson Vällingby (January 2 2011)

I bought reseadapter for 39kr and armbandsklocka for 199kr. They want me to believe that the clock’s original price was 599kr. Who will buy that for 599kr? Please!

 I bought the reseadapter because I ordered a hair clipper from the UK and they didn’t realise they had to send something usable in Sweden.

Casio Sport Watch 199kr ClasOhlson Vällingby

Casio Sport Watch 199kr ClasOhlson Vällingby

 Feel Unique, UK

The hair clipper was from . They are in the UK.

Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper, 534kr from, UK

Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper, 534kr from, UK


 Stadium Outlet Barkarby (January 3rd 2011)

 Bought 3 basketball tops for 50kr each. I don’t play basketball but I figure I can wear these topes inside the house or during summertime.

Soc Stadium T shirt, Stadium Outlet, 50kr

Soc Stadium T shirt, Stadium Outlet, 50kr


 Stadium by IKEA

I went here trying out winter jackets. It is amazing how they tied the NORTHFACE Jacket to security units. It’s the same in Stadium everywhere I guess as I have seen these before in Vällingby. I asked one of the sales girl and she told me that people steal the jackets. I was like, but you have security locks on them, she said that wasn’t enough, that people steal them anyway.

Well she took one of them off and I tried the Northface winter jacket. I like them but they were not as comfortable as the 8848 I had tried on at Intersports. That’s why I went back later to buy the Tribute 8848 jacket. Lighter, dryer and more comfortable. I don’t get too cold in the winter so 8848 is perfect for what I have been longing for.

 But at this stadium I still bought 2 pairs of winter socks for 99kr.

Winter socks from Stadium by Ikea 2pairs for 99kr

Winter socks from Stadium by Ikea 2pairs for 99kr

 IKEA (January 3rd 2011)

I bought Patrull Badkars at Ikea for 45kr a piece. I bought 2. for reasons not yet known I ended up buying Tolsby Ram2 too. They cost 9kr each. No pictures available.

 MQ Sollentuna (January 2 2011)

I went to Sollentuna because of Jack and Jones but I stopped by here to buy a Fred Perry Top for 419kr. The original price was 599kr. This is so funny anyway because the outlet price for the same shirt is 399kr. So if you need a Fred Perry Shirt and you are not ready to pay 599kr, take a swing and get it at Brands Outlet Barkarby. Same T shirt cost 399kr. But you have to think about the cost of gas anyway and probably also plan to do other shopping to compensate for the long drive if you live far away from the Outlet.

Fred Perry, MQ Sollentuna 419kr

Fred Perry, MQ Sollentuna 419kr


Nike Factory Store, Barkarby Outlet

Here I bought InterMilan shirt for 210kr. I wanted to buy boots (not football boots) but I couldn’t find one. What a scandal! I mean you can’t buy a Nike footwear-boot at NIKE Factory store. Factory store? Really?

I bought a pair at Stadium by IKEA just before Christmas but I gave it away to my nephew during my Christmas holiday somewhere Abroad. It cost 900kr OR 899kr but I as kind enough to give it away because my nephew couldn’t use the other shoes I gave him. He has quite big feet.

 So I came back and couldn’t find the NIKE BOOTS anyway in Stockholm! That explains my trip to Timberland Solna Centrum.

Inter Milan Shirt 210 kr

Inter Milan Shirt 210 kr

 Jack and Jones Sollentuna

 I bought some shirts at JJ Galleria before I travelled but I gave them away Abroad. So I came back and headed to Jack and Jones Sollentuna. I bought these shirts/ tops:

Jack and Jone T shirt, about 100kr

Jack and Jone T shirt, about 100kr


Jack and Jone T shirt, about 140kr

Jack and Jone T shirt, about 140kr

Jack and Jone T Shirt, about 140kr

Jack and Jone T Shirt, about 140kr

 Timberland Solna Centrum (January 7 2011)

 These pairs of boots cost 1699kr but I bought them for 1189kr. It is still expensive but the girl told me to see it as an investment. I will try to remember that everytime I put them on.

Timberland Men's Boot, 1189kr

Timberland Men's Boot, 1189kr

 When I bought these shoes I knew I was done with shopping for this month as far as shoes and clothes are concerned. I mean my closet is always full and jam-packed.

 Abroad, Jeans, 4 for 300kr

I bought these jeans in Abroad, four of them and it cost about 300kr.

4 pairs of new and fine jeans, worth about 75kr each, brought abroad

4 pairs of new and fine jeans, worth about 75kr each, brought abroad

UR and PENN, Jakobsberg

THIS Axcent of Scandinavian watch cost 399kr reapriset. The original price was around 900kr.

Axcent of Scandinavian 399kr, Ur and Penn Jakobsberg

Axcent of Scandinavian 399kr, Ur and Penn Jakobsberg

 NOW, 2011 can begin

 During my last visit Abroad I must have given away more than 20 different shirts and tops that I really like. Even then I gave away loads of other shirts and tops that I didn’t like to have any more.

When I came back to Sweden I saw that my closet was still full of office-types of shirts. That’s good but I wanted more. I would like to change my dress mode a little bit. Now I’m going to wear jeans and jeans top.

I bought 4 pairs of jeans Abroad. They cost like 300kr in Swedish krona. It is cheaper for me to even shop Abroad but I didn’t make it a priority during my recent visit.

I have never thought of saving money by shopping Abroad. I mean who takes a plan Abroad to shop? You cannot always do that, so that’s why I decided to always bloom where I have been planted.

Stadium By IKEA

November 6, 2010
SOC Sweat Shirt

SOC Sweat Shirt, 199kr Stadium

I am not a keen wearer of winter jackets since I react to heat. In a way the winter is good for me. It’s a weird story because I grew up in Africa near the equator.

But in Sweden I react to both heat and hot pepper. These are two things that are essential for life in Africa. I’m suffering.

I love to have a winter jacket but I have to postpone that luxury once again.

I settle for sweat shirts instead.

I bought them from Stadium by IKEA in Barkarby. Yes the real stadium. I don’t really believe in cheap stuffs even though it may sound egoistic or being proud. SOC Sweat shirt in Stadium cost 199kr. So why should I go to an outlet to buy something cheaper and probably of low quality?

PEAK sweat short will be 5 or 6 times more expensive but I think I will get the same satisfaction with my new SOC sweat shirts. I bought 3 of them and I gor 20% discount with my coupon + stadium card. I think I buy wisely even though I but too many things.

My closet is loaded enough to start a new cloth outfit and that is not a joke. I always say, no more shopping and the next day I’m buying something.

Some young girls asked me the other day: how many shirts do you have? The truth is I don’t know. But I know well enough that if I’d not sent so much to Africa or even given some away here in Sweden, then I will have to room to even walk around in my house. It’s always good go give stuffs away to other people even when they have not asked you. This way I keep my flow in and out.

So Stadium Barkarby it was. Not Stadium Outlet. I am yet to buy from Stadium Outlet so I’m sure I will go there again someday. I won’t be looking for something cheap. I will be looking for something that I like.

By the way the ROWENTA pressing iron is working fine, so far so good.  I’ve now pressed my clothes to last me until Christmas which is 6 weeks from now.

(Unedited grammar)

Stadium Outlet, Barkarby

October 31, 2010

3oth October 2010 I went to Stadium Outlet in Barkarby. There was a sale going on, more like an opening premier/ offer. Stadium has always been there as a sport outfit. They newly opened a new center near IKEA.

So the old place transformed to an outlet with this opening offers. Oh my…

It was as if the entire residents of Stockholm emptied themselves into the shop. It was full packed, loaded. No doubts the offers were good and mouth watering and trust the people of Stockholm, they don’t let REA go without emptying their pockets.

SALES are big deals for people.

The queue to the cashiers were so long and ridiculous. The queue formed unending curves and waves in the shop.

I was happy for Stadium but I was disappointed for the way we shop.

Many people do not know that they can actually find good offers even when there are no BIG SALES.

If you walk into several shops even when they have no sales, you can still find yourself comparatively good deals in their “quiet” sales corner.

The other day I walked into BROTHERS or was it BEST OF BRANDS in Vällingby. These shops are beside each other and sometimes I think they are the same. Anyway behind in the store, in a place not too conspicuous I walked in and found some ridiculous offers. It was cool and I bought 2 shirts.

I have walked into Stadium several times to pick up nice trainers, clothes and other deals even when they don’t have sales. You need to be consistent around the shopping complexes and inside to understand sales pattern.

There are sales in Stadium for example all year round. In Vällingby you’ll always find something to pick up depending on the time of the year and of course your taste.

And people need to know that Stadium Outlet will always be there as an outlet and that the price 40-70% less should be taken as a standard. So why are we rushing?

If I walk into Stadium Outlet next week and the prices are up, I will walk away. Then it is no longer an outlet. The 40-70% must be maintained as a standard if people like me are to visit the store.

So welcome Stadium Barkarby to the addition of the shops in Barkarby Outlet.

We’ll see if I return to buy anything there…

(unedited entry)