Stadium Outlet, Barkarby

3oth October 2010 I went to Stadium Outlet in Barkarby. There was a sale going on, more like an opening premier/ offer. Stadium has always been there as a sport outfit. They newly opened a new center near IKEA.

So the old place transformed to an outlet with this opening offers. Oh my…

It was as if the entire residents of Stockholm emptied themselves into the shop. It was full packed, loaded. No doubts the offers were good and mouth watering and trust the people of Stockholm, they don’t let REA go without emptying their pockets.

SALES are big deals for people.

The queue to the cashiers were so long and ridiculous. The queue formed unending curves and waves in the shop.

I was happy for Stadium but I was disappointed for the way we shop.

Many people do not know that they can actually find good offers even when there are no BIG SALES.

If you walk into several shops even when they have no sales, you can still find yourself comparatively good deals in their “quiet” sales corner.

The other day I walked into BROTHERS or was it BEST OF BRANDS in Vällingby. These shops are beside each other and sometimes I think they are the same. Anyway behind in the store, in a place not too conspicuous I walked in and found some ridiculous offers. It was cool and I bought 2 shirts.

I have walked into Stadium several times to pick up nice trainers, clothes and other deals even when they don’t have sales. You need to be consistent around the shopping complexes and inside to understand sales pattern.

There are sales in Stadium for example all year round. In Vällingby you’ll always find something to pick up depending on the time of the year and of course your taste.

And people need to know that Stadium Outlet will always be there as an outlet and that the price 40-70% less should be taken as a standard. So why are we rushing?

If I walk into Stadium Outlet next week and the prices are up, I will walk away. Then it is no longer an outlet. The 40-70% must be maintained as a standard if people like me are to visit the store.

So welcome Stadium Barkarby to the addition of the shops in Barkarby Outlet.

We’ll see if I return to buy anything there…

(unedited entry)



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